Surveys are coming out right and left these days, as retailers try to find out exactly what people will buy when they really shouldn't be buying anything at all. And don't think the pet industry has been asleep at the wheel. The American Kennel Club (AKC), the purveyor of the well-bred dog, released data from its survey yesterday.

Psst. She loves the dog more.

Of 1,000 people polled for a one-week period in November, the AKC reported that 96 percent of respondents would give up gourmet coffee for their dogs. Well, I'm sure glad of that! The other four percent should have their dogs picked up by social services.

A few more respondents would actually give up their spa treatments, and some would give up their teeth whitening treatments to make sure their dogs had their fangs cleaned. Were these respondents all from the Hamptons?

This one's the sweetest I think: 59 percent of dog owners would perm or color their own hair to pay for their dog's grooming.

Here are more "sacrifices" respondents were ready to give up for their dogs:

  • 60 percent of dog owners are not spending a dime less on presents for their dogs than they did last year which leaves only 30 percent who will spend less than $50 on holiday presents for their dogs.

  • 70 percent would cut back on gifts for their friends and relatives before cutting back on gifts for their dogs; 9 percent would include their spouse in the cutbacks in favor of their dogs.
  • But, 70 percent said they would not give up Internet access for the welfare of their dogs and only 50 percent would give up cable or satellite service.

Here are some dog lovers really going all out for the welfare of their dogs:

  • 97 percent would eat at home more
  • 72 percent would cancel gym membership
  • 94 percent would forgo new clothes
  • 89 percent would put off remodelling plans for their home, and
  • 88 percent would buy a less expensive car.

Who can afford these things anyway?

How about 67 percent cancelling travel plans if they couldn't pay to board their dogs? What would the other 33 percent do with their dogs when they took off for a holiday?

What I'd like to know is when were these questions at all relevant?

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