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Protect Your Dog's Vision With These 4 Supplements

A dog's vision can begin to deteriorate with health problems and age, so it's important to monitor your pup's vision health throughout his life. These 4 supplements can help improve the overall health of your dog's life and  lower the chances of potential vision problems.

Kasha Blue Eyes: Image by CogDogBlog, FlickrKasha Blue Eyes: Image by CogDogBlog, Flickr 

1. Angels' Eye Tear-Stain Eliminator For Dogs


Angels' Eye Tear Stain Eliminator is designed to effectively eliminate tear stains around the eyes and mouth by introducing certain vitamins and minerals to your dogs diet. This supplement works to get rid of the tear stains before they begin. Simply sprinkle a little bit on your dogs food every day. Effects won't start immediately, but after a week or two, you should begin to see your pup's tear stains clear up.

2. Nutri-Vet Healthy Vision Canine Chewables


Your dog will think of these liver flavored chewables as a nice treat. Nutri-Vet Healthy Vision Canine Chewables supports good vision by providing your pup with unique complex vitamins which are designed to decrease ocular oxidative damage. This supplement provides lutein, vitamin A, bilberry, grape seed, and zeaxanthin to increase visual health and lower chances of blindness and future vision problems. (Update: Nutri-Vet no longer carries a vision supplement. Here's is a good selection of other vision supplements.)

3. Dr. Carol's Quantum Dog Eye Essentials


Dr. Carol's Quantum Dog Eye Essentials is designed to offer support for healthy eyes and clear vision. It promotes a healthy cornea, lens, and retina. It uses essential vitamins to supply healthy eye growth and rejuvenation, and uses quality antioxidants to improve your pup's natural bodily detoxification process. 

4. Thorne Research Veterinary - Ocu-ClearVET 


Thorne Research Veterinary offers a comprehensive ocular health formula containing essential minerals, antioxidants, carotene's, and flavanoids all designed to protect the eye and promote circulation to the eye. This protects vision and lessens the risk of future vision problems. The eye is exposed to a lot of damaging factors which could lead to a decrease in antioxidant circulation, and other essentials that this supplement can provide for your pup. (Update: Thorne Research no longer carries a vision supplement. Here's is a good selection of other vision supplements.)

Before you give your pup any of these supplements, be sure to follow dosage instructions and talk to your vet. With the right nutrients, your dog's eye health can improve for a healthier happier pet.

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