I recently gave a shout out to a trio of healthy dog treat makers, and Isle of Dogs decided to prove to me and my readers that Scribbles would enjoy their nutritious snacks. But are they up to my co-reviewer’s lofty standards?

Hi Joy! Are you curious?Hi Joy! Are you curious?

First off, I am extremely impressed with the Isle of Dogs packaging- Each box is decorated with the images of the raw ingredients that set each treat apart. The Smile treats emphasize the crunchy, organic apples used to clean your dog’s teeth as they chew as seen by the beautiful red, ripe apples adorning the container. My graphic design praises aside, my little meat-munching pal fell in love with the strictly vegetarian line of Isle of Dogs goodies.

"Can I eat now?""Can I eat now?"

Each treat is a medium-sized and solidly baked heart shaped “cookie” that doesn’t look any different from other types in the Isle of Dogs series at first glance. However, after breaking a few up for Scribbles’ smaller Yorkie mouth, I instantly felt and saw the difference due to the unique ingredients making up each specialized treat. For example, the Smile treat crunched much more than the Skin or Breath treats as I broke them down for her, proving the box’s promise of crisp oat and apple snacks to rub tartar from your dog’s teeth. As a side note, the hearts weren’t just a cute design, as I noticed that their compact shapes kept each and every snack from getting broken in the box. (Everyone is disappointed by that one, pathetic quarter-bone at the bottom of the treat bowl!)

"Mmm! Milk & toffee flavor!""Mmm! Milk & toffee flavor!"

Scribble likes to take her time eating sturdier cookie-style treats and as I predicted, she took each one as a well-protected “trophy” until she was ready to munch the biscuit down. I was relieved to learn that she’ll happily consume all of the Isle of Dogs treat flavors, even though their signature ingredients vary. For instance, the Joint treat formula includes organic cherries, flax seed and glucosamine (used as a cartilage supplement) to naturally improve your dog’s joint health over each and every snack time.

"What? No 'Isle of Cats?!'""What? No 'Isle of Cats?!'"

Isle of Dogs gets my seal of approval not only for providing another healthy alternative for those terrible empty calorie dog snacks, but for presenting their brand in a way that is as appealing to the dog owner’s eye as it is to their dog’s taste buds. Kudos, Isle of Dogs! Whether you’re looking to Chill out a stressed puppy with lavender extract or to promote Vitality via sweet potatoes, Isle of Dog is on hand to put long-lasting rewards behind each treat.

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