I called out Broderpress earlier this month to showcase some of the best designer animal décor available online, and Shannon Broder herself sent me this adorable stegosaurus to put to the test. Spoiler Alert: It’s really great!

 Hey- The Stegosaurus matches my comforter!Hey- The Stegosaurus matches my comforter!

Artist and printmaker Shannon Broder has been crafting an ark’s worth of designer animal pillows since 2009, and her work continues to evolve and become more refined with each new pillow that she adds to the collection. I was lucky enough to receive the blue Stegosaurus pillow, my favorite from the Broderpress store, and I am very impressed all around.


I’m a sucker for dinosaurs, so she was already hard pressed to let me down, but Shannon went well out of her way to add a large amount of detail to the stegosaurus by selectively adding bits of darker blue for a sense of depth on the wrinkly beast’s skin. It’s the perfect balance of a scientifically accurate body design and imaginative coloring, which is just how I like my dinosaurs! Between the overall unique artwork, secure stitching, and nice amount of cream colored fabric negative space around the dinosaur’s line work, the Stegosaurus makes for the perfect accent pillow for my bedroom. It’s as mature of a pillow as you can get for having a blue stegosaurus on your bed, so two thumbs up, Shannon!


Any animal fan looking for something special to put the finishing touches on their bedrooms, sofas or that one comfy chair should definitely give Broderpress a look. Whether you’re a dinosaur nut, oceanic creature enthusiast or simply want to get a customized pillow made of your dog or cat, Shannon’s got a fantastic pillow in her workshop just for you.

Source: Broderpress


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