There are many ways to go about setting up your fancy rat’s new home, but with these invaluable tips, yours will be the happiest rats in your home! Those rats in the attic will be so jealous!




- Bigger is always better when you’re looking for a wire rat cage or glass aquarium. Since a good fancy rat owner will keep no fewer than two rats at a time, you’ll want a spacious home that can hold a hammock or other place to relax, a large food bowl, and other fun goodies for your rats to enjoy.

- Rats are intelligent and curious animals that can get bored easily. Keep boredom at bay by offering them places to hide such as small boxes or short bits of PVC pipe, a solid exercise wheel to keep toes and tails from getting caught, wooden chew toys to keep teeth pared down or a small climbable tree branch.



- Set your rat’s home in a place in your home that isn’t too warm or cool. Rats can’t sweat to regulate their temperatures, and they don’t handle the cold as well as their wild cousins, so try to keep their home between the low 60’s and mid 80’s whenever you can.

- Don’t worry about mixing neutered and spayed male and female rats together, as long as your rat has a friend, they’ll be happy together! Just make sure that they’re “fixed,” or else you’ll have many more rats than you initially bargained for…

- Rat home placement is important! If you can put their home where you and your family spend a lot of time together, the rats will enjoy seeing and hearing their human family nearby. Just make sure that they have a place to hide when they want some alone time!

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