Hooray! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means, right? A spike in calls to the vet across the nation, that’s what! The chocolate, candles and flowers are always a high point of the holiday, but here’s a few tips to keep your furry friends out of potential dangers:




Chocolate & Candy: You know darn well that chocolate is toxic for dogs, but that won’t stop your canine pal from snatching a (Hershey’s) Kiss from the countertop while you’re distracted. Note that “sugar-free” candies and gum commonly contain a substance called xylitol. If your pet consumes xylitol, it could severely drop her blood sugar, cause seizures, or at a minimum, give it the runs, so please keep candy out of reach of your little beggars!




Candles: Lighting candles in the house is romantic and sweet until your goofy golden retriever knocks one over with her careless wagging tail. If you’re going to leave the room for more than a second, blow out your candles!




Flowers: A bouquet is a nice romantic gesture, but your curious animals might end up making the pretty planets more trouble than they’re worth. If your cat eats part of the flowers, they might get an upset tummy or worse; watch out for tulips, daisies and baby’s breath! Finally, always look out for woody thorns accidentally falling on the floor. Not only does stepping on thorn hurt, you’ll have to check your pet’s paws for infection for a few weeks afterward.

Valentine’s Day is fun, and you owe it to yourself to enjoy yourself, but you can’t stop watching over your animal buddies! Stay safe, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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