Whether you’re moving across the nation or the other side of the planet, chances are good that you’ll want to take your animal buddies with you. Luckily there are a host of professional animal moving options, but be very careful who you choose to trust with your money and beloved pets!

While it might sound odd, UPS might be your best option for shipping tiny pets around the world. If you are the proud owner of an amphibian, fish, mollusk, lizard, worms, crustaceans, nice insects (honey bees, crickets, butterflies, etc.) or turtles (snapping turtles excluded!), UPS might be your best bet for moving your crawly pets. Click here to learn all about the UPS standards before you head out to the store.

For dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, horses, rodents, primates, livestock, exotics and all other animal types, your absolute best bet is to search through IPATA’s extensive listing of legitimate national and international animal transportation services to see which one is right for you and your creatures. Simply plug in your animal species, country of departure and airport to receive a customized record of approved animal moving services. If you decide to find a pet transportation service on your own, be careful and if they are suspiciously inexpensive (moving pets is usually pricier than moving a person!), demand to be paid via money order, or do not include a contact phone number, drop them like a hot potato! Nothing’s worse than being ripped off and endangering your pet, so stick to IPATA’s extensive archive of excellent animal movers if you can.

If you’ve followed my advice, you and your furry, feathered, scaly and many-legged pals will safely enjoy your globetrotting adventures together. Do your research, stay safe and send us a postcard when you get there!

Sources: UPS, IPATA