It’s that time of year again! While we’re all ready to enjoy some good food, great family, football, parades and other fun stuff, the holiday can be a potential minefield for careless pet owners…

Don’t share raw or undercooked food with your pets. You know how you aren’t supposed to eat raw or undercooked meat or baking dough because there might be microscopic nasties lurking inside such as salmonella? That goes for your four legged friends too!

Turkey bones are not chew toys. Did you ever notice that bones presented as chews are from huge mammals like pigs and cattle? Poultry bones aren’t nearly as strong as bones intended for dogs to chew on, making them are a serious dangerous choking hazard.

Keep an eye on the trash, as there’s going to be an avalanche of bones, wrappers, leftovers, containers and other “yummy things” headed into the bin that could cause a whole host of issues for a curious pet. Ingested garbage can cause anything from choking, intestinal blockage, vomiting, diarrhea and other nasty problems, so keep a lid on it!

Some Thanksgiving treats are great for you and me, but not as much for our animal buddies. If any dishes containing chocolate, grapes, raisins, sage, or onions are served, make sure to let your guests know not to share them with the pets!

“But my animals are the cutest animals in the whole house!” Ok, you’ve got me there, but you know how to deal with fuzzy Turkey Day beggars? Give them a little sample plate off to the side with a treat-sized of boneless turkey, plain mashed potatoes, green beans or even a taste of pumpkin pie filling. My animals always get to sample the bird before anyone else, and they’re usually content with a nap afterward!

We want all of you to have a fun and safe holiday, so take the tips, share them with your friends, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sources: ASPCA, Banfield Pet Hospital, Animal League America


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