The Pet Stairs Slope from Japan's Iris Plaza was designed to help pets safely navigate the oft-difficult journey from floor to sofa and back. What's that you say? You didn't know the vast chasm separating floor and sofa instills within your pet a sense of indescribable dread? Well then, you're a bad pet owner and you should feel bad!

Officially designated the Pet Stairs Slope Type PSL-55K Beige, this simple yet effective device is a true Godsend for fearful dogs and cats the world over – but especially in Japan where the precious furballs are indulged to an unheard-of level.

Appearing to be a modular tri-level bench covered in 100% polyester and filled with polystyrene and urethane foam, the Pet Stairs Slope features an attached textured runner that extends from the item's base, up and over the three steps, and up to 50cm (20 inches) across the seat of an adjacent sofa or chair.

The runner helps protect the furniture's upholstery though there's nothing to prevent Fido or Fifi from shedding and scratching his or her way over the rest of the surface. If that should happen, not to worry: Iris Plaza also offers the model KNC-H09 and KNC-N77A pet hair cleaners.


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