Poop Bags: Which Ones Are Really Biodegradable?

I spent this evening researching biodegradable poop bags.  Maybe it wasn't as much fun as what you did, but I did learn something and I'm going to put it to use by purchasing some genuine biodegradable poop bags for my cat and dog tomorrow.  One important thing I learned is that most waste bags that advertise themselves as being biodegradable are not!


Poop Bags: Is this one really biodegradable? Read more and find out!Poop Bags: Is this one really biodegradable? Read more and find out!


Not according to the state of California and not according to any human brain that's functioning. When you learn that 'biodegradable' material contains any form of plastic, know that the item is not biodegradable.  It can not be absorbed by the environment, not in many many dog years. Maybe you can recycle it or repurpose it, but who would want to do that with a bag full of poop?  Anyway, plastic is not biodegradable.

According to the strict state of California, where I live, and which is going to outlaw the use of plastic bags in retail stores come January, 2011, (so I really need to get serious about getting a new source for poop bags), a biodegradable bag must become one with the earth at the speed of an apple.  That's about two weeks, unless you keep it refrigerated.

I found the BioBag is 100 percent biodegradable. It should be; it's made of corn or other food product.  And lucky pet owners can even get the bags that fits the size of the poop, but customers say you should err on the large side so there's no 'spill over.'


It's BioBag! The REAL biodegradable poop bag!It's BioBag! The REAL biodegradable poop bag!


While you're visiting this page, you can even check out the other waste bags that BioBag makes.  Go ahead already. Get green!

Now, think of how much good you are doing.

That's the buzz for today!



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Nov 23, 2010
by Anonymous
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Biodegradable pet waste bags

Hi. Better When Bio Man here. I think biodegradable pet waste bags are a great idea. I am all for eliminating as many plastic bags of any kind as possible. There are other biodegradable pet waste bags besides BioBag. Check them out at http://www.betterwhenbio.com/biodegradablepetwastebags.php.

May 21, 2011
by Anonymous
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dog poop bags

It’s an absolute annoyance, but your dog’s waste can pose a huge threat to the sanitation levels in your surroundings. You can’t have your pet’s poop sticking on your shoes, messing up your backyard, your neighbors’ lawns, or even park grounds. The smell of doggy doo can turn anyone’s stomach, attract flies, germs, and even pollute the nearby water supply. That’s why you need to have a steady supply of Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags on hand. Dog poop bags are the best answer to your dog’s leavings, and while many people make do with ordinary plastic bags, think what that’s going to do to the environment. A single plastic bag will take a minimum of 500 years to disintegrate! Biodegradable dog waste bags, on the other hand, will ensure you can ditch your dog’s poop without hurting the earth in the process. With these sanitary doggie bags, neat disposal of your pet’s poop is as simple as scooping it up, tying the poop bags closed, and throwing it in the trash. You won’t even have to fret about escaping odors. Biodegradable dog poop bags come in scented and colorful rolls that, amazingly enough, add personality to your trash bin. Now who wouldn’t want that kind of garbage-scaping deal? Make sure you have a good stock of Biodegradable dog poop bags, and you won’t have to worry about you – or anyone else – playing footsie with a dog pie.

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Sep 29, 2012
by Anonymous
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First of all, I appreciate

First of all, I appreciate all your posts!

Re. poop bags: I've been looking for reports of people actually trying to compost/degrade bags, and the results seem dismal. Check out http://www.amazon.com/review/R2EDC1A620IRGJ/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&A...

Can you tell how you found that the "BioBag is 100 percent biodegradable"? It seems that I'm trying to get to the bottom of this before buying any more "degradable" poop bags. :-)


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