Last week a police volunteer was injured while trying to help rescue a
stray cat that had been found wandering along a highway in Israel. It
all began when a motorist had noticed the cat and stopped to try to
rescue the Cat (Photo by Broken Sphere via Wikimedia Commons)Cat (Photo by Broken Sphere via Wikimedia Commons)furry little wanderer herself. While the woman called the police the animal turned the plan
upside down when it crawled into the engine compartment of the car.

By the time the volunteers arrived the cat was emerging from under the car. In the attempt to capture the animal one of the volunteers was hit by a car and sustained moderate injuries. The 17-year-old driver was detained for questioning while the volunteer was sent to the hospital for treatment.

The cat was eventually captured and taken to be checked out by a veterinarian. The cat was unhurt by the day's drama.

Source: ynetnews