Police Bring Joy To 26 Pit Bulls By Breaking Up Dog Fighting Ring

On Monday officials raided a home in Plant City, Florida, where they found 26 pit bulls housed in the back yard in makeshift kennels. The dogs were part of a suspected dog-fighting ring. They were found in deplorable Pit Bull (Public Domain Image)Pit Bull (Public Domain Image)conditions and suffering from cuts and other bloody wounds. Though no arrests have been made, animal control removed the animals.

Though some of the dogs are severely injured, all of the animals are expected to survive their injuries and are currently being cared for by Hillsborough County Animal Services. 

The incident is still under investigation by animal welfare officials and charges are pending against the residents of the home. 

The dogs themselves are facing an uncertain future. Once their physical wounds have healed they must still be evaluated for how traumatized they are by their experience as fighting dogs.

For now the dogs just radiate joy and relief at no longer being weighed down by heavy chains and confined to tiny wooden kennels.

Source: Mail Online

Laurie Kay Olson
Animal News Blogger

Feb 7, 2013
by Anonymous
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I pray for their safety and

I pray for their safety and continued lives in love and comfort.

Feb 7, 2013
by Anonymous
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Bless you for saving these

Bless you for saving these beautiful dogs! Please remember that the dogs are the victims here....they can be rehabilitated and rehomed...47 of 50 of the Vick dogs were...please do not condemn them to death because of what a human did to them....they had no choice..they have no voice....

Feb 7, 2013
by Anonymous
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Time after time dogs that

Time after time dogs that have been put through this hell have been rehabilitated and gone on to live happy lives as pets, service dogs, therapy dogs, etc. Look at the former Vick dogs. There is no need to kill them.

Just take the time to do a GOOD job testing them. Being in a shelter is stressful all by itself. Also, there are MANY dogs out here who have never been put through that hell who are dog aggressive as well as other pet aggressive, so that shouldn't be a disqualifier for adoption. I know several dogs in this neighborhood I would NEVER allow near my dogs.

These dogs never had a choice-- they are victims of terrible abuse. Treat them that way and give them a chance.

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