'Tiger Tug' at Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL: image via 970wfla.com'Tiger Tug' at Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL: image via 970wfla.comWeirder things have been promoted, I guess.  But what exactly is the attraction of playing tug of war with a 450 pound Bengal tiger?

Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is offering the 'Tiger Tug' to any volunteers who want to be challenged by trying to pull a rope out of a tiger's mouth.  What this activity does to promote education, appreciation of, or respect for this regal animal, I don't know.  

Here are Busch Garden visitors taking the Tiger Tug challenge. They seem to be having fun, but what about the tiger?







Does the tiger tug appeal to you?


sources: Busch Gardens, 970WFLA via tip from Creature Features