There is nothing like a good game of chess to while away the quiet hours
of your life. Okay, they may be only minutes at a time, but it is still a
great hobby. With this cool Carved Tagua Chess Set you can play with
some of your favorite sea creatures -- and possibly save an elephant.

 Carved Tagua Chess SetCarved Tagua Chess Set

This wonderful set goes from sea turtles for pawns to a walrus king. While the set looks like it is made of ivory, it is actually made of tagua nut. This is a natural plant material from Latin America that looks and carves just like ivory when dried. So no elephants were harmed in the making of this chess set. The board itself is made of recycled balsa wood.

Carved Tagua Chess SetCarved Tagua Chess Set

The entire set is handmade in Ecuador. Due to this and the natural materials used the set you receive may differ somewhat from the photos. A drawer under the board pulls out to store the playing pieces safely and securely.

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