If you think you've been on a flight from hell because of a screaming
baby or a talkative neighbor, you got another think coming. Ninety
passengers on an Egyptian Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait last week were
Egyptian Cobra (Photo by John Walker/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Egyptian Cobra (Photo by John Walker/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)terrorized by a cobra that one of the passengers had smuggled on board.

A forty-eight-year-old Jordanian man who owns a reptile shop in Kuwait had smuggled the snake on board by hiding it inside of a carry-on bag. He was trying to control the snake when it bit him on the hand and slithered away. 

The pilot was forced to land the plane at an Egyptian resort along the Red Sea. Local authorities confiscated the snake and the flight continued to Kuwait. The passenger refused medical treatment, saying that the wound was only superficial.

There is no word on what charges the man will face.

Source: CNN


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