Pig Salt And Pepper Shakers Let You Go Whole Hog At Dinner

These cute Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers made of hand blown glass are a whimsical addition to any dinner table or pig collection. It's hard to call such cute critters swine.They wait with snouts at attention to add a touch of flavor to your next meal.

 Glass Pig Salt and Pepper ShakersGlass Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers

These little pink porkers are handcrafted of hand blown Pyrex glass with brass snouts in Oregon by Skip Horton and Donna Beverly. You'll love them right down to their curly little tails. Sold as a pair, and what a civilized pair they are.  For more information or to order, click here.


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Kitty Devine
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Jul 4, 2012
by Anonymous
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those are super cute!! Just

those are super cute!! Just pinned 'em!

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