With the holidays fast approaching, folks are in the midst of planning to visit family and friends. In many instances, those travel arrangements can become logistically frustrating, particularly when there are pets involved. Do we take our pooch with us, or does that become too much of an imposition for those you we will be visiting?

To help address these concerns, in the year 2014, there’s some innovative solutions to help alleviate the gruesomeness of leaving Fido behind. 

Home Alone?

If you’ll only be away for an overnight, you might be confident enough to leave your furry friend home alone. That is, as long as you supply him with enough water and access to food. To that end, the techie wizards behind a new product called ‘PetziConnect’ might be just what the doctor ordered.

Simple to install and implement, all your have to do before you leave the house is download the app to your smartphone or tablet. This device is a cool combination of an HD webcam, speaker, microphone, and treat-tosser.

So from anywhere, at any time, with just a touch of a button, your can see your best friend, speak to him or her and release the treat — all by remote control.

And as an added bonus, you can capture all of this activity with photos and/or videos, which you can then easily share with your friends and family. At a $199.99 value, you can currently obtain a PetziConnect for only $169.00 while they are still promoting them through their IndieGoGo fundraiser.

Airbnb for Dogs

Now, if your plans include an extended stay away from the home and you don’t want to board your pet, you might want to consider ‘DogVacay.’

As an easy way to curb your separation anxiety, these accommodations start around $20 per night. According to correspondent Jennifer Jolly at USA Today, “DogVacay is like Airbnb for your dogs, with more than 20,000 approved pet sitters — yes, that's 20,000, with four zeroes — so that you can find the perfect temporary home for your beloved four-legged companions no matter where you're from.”

“There are even recommendations and reviews so you can really customize your match. Over a million nights have already been booked using DogVacay, and the response from pet parents has been overwhelmingly positive,” adds Jolly

So whether you go PetziConnect or DogVacay this holiday season, or a combination of both, hopefully these solutions will relieve some of that unnecessary added pressure over the holidays — allowing you and yours to relax in the comfort of knowing your pet is well taken care of. Happy Holidays all!