10 Perfect Drinks To Serve Your Dog .... In A Dog Bar

Bobby, The Official Wine Taster (photo permission: Alice Wang)Bobby, The Official Wine Taster (photo permission: Alice Wang)

Truly, I think it's time for dog lovers to take another step "out there". You know what I mean.... We just haven't gone far enough to spoil our dogs. I see it everywhere, even at the dog parks. Our pets are BORED! They think dog parks are yesterday; and besides dogs get their new clothes dirty... playing !

Our dogs need another place to be seen and sniffed; let's face it, they're tired of Starbuck's patios.

The buzz is that dog bars ("bars" as in taverns) will be the next big thing for dogs and their owners. In the bars, our dogs would be seen, sniff each other and exchange (other) pleasantries, and (why not?) have a drink or two.

Let's see what we can serve them...

EDITOR'S NOTE: This Perfect Drinks article has been updated. To see the updated version, please take a look at 7 Drinks And Drink Accessories To Serve Your Dog In A Bar.

1. Bark Vineyards 2006 Varietals

Yes, of course! Wine for the most discerning dogs. The 2006 Bark Vineyards Varietals. The Sauvignon Bark has a chicken and garlicky bouquet, so appealing to dogs. The Pinot Leasheo, another canine varietal, is an excellent and highly fragrant white, a must-have while the weather is still so bloody hot. Available at Bark Vineyards for $14.99, the price of any decent table wine. Oh, we can't forget the unique wine bags (19.99) and big selection of wine corks ($14.99). P.S. Barkundy and Meowlot are great wine selections for cats. (Update: These items are no longer available.)

Bark Vinyards 2006 VarietalsBark Vinyards 2006 Varietals


Alice Wang's Pet Plus

Of course, a dog bar has to stock such accoutrement as pet wine glasses. Prescient designer Alice Wang has created the perfect set of wine glasses (about $50), one for you and one for your dog. Her vision also led her to create a handsome four-buttoned tuxedo bib (about $20) and a matching plate set for you and your dog. Sweet, huh? Bobby seems to be totally into it.

You can contact Alice Wang about her products through her website.

Ah-hah! Bobby had a dinner date!  (Photo permission: Alice Wang)Ah-hah! Bobby had a dinner date! (Photo permission: Alice Wang)

2. Happy Tail Ale

The Dog Star Brewing Company makes Happy Tail Ale, brewed with malted barley in giant copper kettles just like real beer. It is real beer; it just doesn't contain the alcohol, carbonation, and hops that are bad for animals Instead, Happy Tail Ale has good stuff for dogs, like beef broth and vitamins and minerals... all natural too. A six pack of Happy Tail Ale sells for about $13.95 at Wag Stores and other merchandisers . Okay. Now where are the dog beer glasses? (Update: This item is no longer available. Try Browser Beer instead.)

"I'll have a cold one of these..."  (Kodi, Dog Star Brewing Company)"I'll have a cold one of these..." (Kodi, Dog Star Brewing Company)


3. Doggie Brew

It looks like bottled beer, but this brew has no malt -- just lots of vitamins and minerals (A, B, B12, Niacin, Calcium, and lots more ). Doggie Brew comes in three flavors: Wet Snout Stout (beef), Doggie Lager (chicken), and Waggley Tail Pale Ale for "vegan" dogs. Available for $5.99 per 12-ounce bottle from Wag Stores and other merchandisers. (Update: This item is no longer available. Try Browser Beer instead.)


Wet Snout Stout, Doggie Lager, and Waggley Tail Pale AleWet Snout Stout, Doggie Lager, and Waggley Tail Pale Ale


4. Dogade


If I were stocking a dog bar, I'd certainly want to import some Dogade from Australia. The product has so many impressive endorsements from veterinarians and it has been proven to rehydrate dogs. Like it's namesake, Gatorade, it's packed with vitamins and electrolytes, and its chicken, beef, and bacon flavorings induce dogs to drink when they might otherwise decline water (e.g., before exercise). Dogade comes in powder form and sells for about $12 US for enough to make about 14 quarts when mixed with water. (Watch the video to see how Dogade's works.) (Update: This item is no longer available.)



5. K9 Go DOG

Another doggy sports drink with a lot of great credentials, K9 Go DOG claims a proprietary composition of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, particularly different short and long-range energy fuels and buffering agents that "help neutralize performance-robbing, potentially-lethal metabolic acid (H+) buildup." This focused product for dogs sounds like an essential one, and its parent company K9 Power Products has many other supplements for dogs you may want to check out. A 1.25 pound container of K9 Go DOG, about 28 servings, costs 16.99. The product is also available in convenient single portion packets.



6. Annamaet GlycoCharge

Now, if you're catering to huskies, especially in sled dog country, you have to stock GlycoCharge -- chat room sledders swear by it. According to the Annamaet, GlycoCharge restores 88 percent of essential glycogen to dog's muscles within four hours of intake. Owners say their dogs lap it up, so it's bound to be a best-seller among working dogs, aka the "blue collar" set. Available from Competition Dog for $34.99 for 5.28 pounds. (The packaging's not too sexy, but the product is apparently effective.) (Update: This item is no longer available.)

Annamaet GlycoChargeAnnamaet GlycoCharge


7. Doggy Java

Ah yes, every dog needs a cuppa Joe, especially after drinking all that wine and beer.... But alas, Doggy Java is not a coffee product, but a vitamin and mineral powder that you mix with water and pour into a cappuccino cup! ($24.95 for the gift pack below). Clever. And maybe even good for a hangover. What's more, you can purchase some Bonescotti ($9.95) to dunk in the Doggy Java! (Update: This item is no longer available.)

Doggy Java with Cappucino Cup Gift PackDoggy Java with Cappucino Cup Gift Pack

And from Japan, via Tokyo Times , with apologies that I cannot provide further information about them...

8. Happy Lager

Happy LagerHappy Lager


9. Pet Sweat


Pet Sweat (How droll!)Pet Sweat (How droll!)

And finally, the old standby, if you're a believer in the benefits of oxygenated water, there is at least one brand marketed for all animals ... yes, even horses, cows, and pigs...

10. Animal Drinks

Animal Drinks™Animal Drinks™

If you're ready to start a dog bar, who knows, maybe you can order some of the above products on tap!

That's the buzz for today!

EDITOR'S NOTE: This Perfect Drinks article has been updated. To see the updated version, please take a look at 7 Drinks And Drink Accessories To Serve Your Dog In A Bar.

Lady Bee
Animal Blogger

Sep 10, 2007
by Randolph (not verified)

Thank You For The Tavern Information!

Thank You.

I am not much of a

drinker of spirits

but am looking for a place

to socialize with my kind

(at least those who can

manage to string a

sentence together).

I hope one will open

soon in Manhattan.



(narrator and model

for book pictured above)

Sep 11, 2007
by Lady Bee
Lady Bee's picture


We are truly honored by your visit and truly hope that you will find appropriate conversation at a tavern near you. Perhaps you could be its mascot?

Randoph's book, pictured below, may be purchased in paperback at Amazon.com for 6.99.


Lady Bee
Animal Blogger

Sep 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


But dogs aren't human...why do we feel they must be?

Sep 12, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


We are all ANIMALS.  (A "human" dog is the same as a "human" animal?)

Sep 13, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)



Sep 13, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)



Sep 13, 2007
by Anonymous Garfield (not verified)

You Can Dress Them Up But You Can't Take Them Out

Dogs don't have enough dignity to sit properly in a restaurant.  They are also quite uncouth--licking their p@ni$e$ and B@ll$, sniffing each other's a$$e$,  and throwing up wherever they want, followed by urinating on every table leg.  Just imagine what they might do after a night of drinking some doggie brew--like urinating in the alleys.

Sep 13, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Will the dogs ask for a doggie bag?

Or, do they not have any leftovers to take home?

Sep 15, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

i think this is a good idea

i think this is a good idea for dogs-kool

Feb 16, 2009
by Anonymous

More human than a lot of people.

Well mine gets quite argumentive as it is, hope he doesn't get punch drunk. Excellent article, soon as pay day am getting him some.