"Pets Add Life" Wins Viral Video Award From APPA

The Pets Add Life (PAL) campaign, conducted by a non-profit arm of the American Pet Products Association (APPA), received the 2012 Strategic Video Award, Best Viral Video, for its 'Pet Interviews: Guinea Pig' video.  The video was created by one of the most famous creators on You Tube, Andrew Grantham.  The video is part of PAL's campaign to encourage multiple pet ownership, and it, so very cutely, does that....




The Guinea Pig Interview is one of four pet interviews scheduled to be released by PAL, which shows that pets not only 'add life' to humans, but to other pets. Those of us who own more than one pet can attest to that too. The video was given the award based on its ability to achieve its specific goals.

Andrew Grantham, series creator, is the second most viewed You Tube video creator to date.  One of his talking animal videos, Ultimate Dog Tease, has been viewed almost 130 million times.  Here it is!





Myra Per-Lee
Animal News


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