Social media dog: image via dog.icanhazcheezburger.comSocial media dog: image via Skype just didn't do the trick for medical device developer Mark Kroll, who took videoconferencing with his dog a few steps further with his invention of PetChatz, social media for dogs.

It's a 'pet phone,' designed to be about the size of an iPad, that you can contact from a computer or any mobile device, wherever and whenever you like. PetChatz will be equipped not only with a screen, but a webcam, speaker, microphone and scent and treat dispensers. And yes, the pet owner does control the treats!

If PetChatz takes off, it will probably cost between $200 and $300.  The big 'IF" is determining whether dogs, the primary intended users of the technology, will use the device the way it's intended to be used; they do have minds of their own.  Kroll's dog responded, but for how long?

The device could be used in two ways; one to observe the dog through the webcam, like any so outfitted tablet, and also to communicate with him in a 'video-conference.'  You might call the dog, but would he come?  Would he see you on the screen, or just recognize your voice?

Having had dogs with separation anxiety, I wonder if PetChatz would make them more calm or more excitable.  Trainers have instructed me to get my dogs used to being alone at home as soon as possible.

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source: Minneapolis Star Tribune


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