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My pooch generally sleeps while I drive, which delights me because if he wasn't sleeping, he'd be back-seat driving like every other passenger in my car.  Problem is, he does get up and walk around the back of my SUV occasionally, especially when wild smells whiz by his whiffers.  Until now, I never found a safety belt that would accommodate my dog's movements and still offer plenty of security in case the car in front of me comes to a short stop... (ahem)



Hammacher Schlemmer carries this Pet Seat Belt, which is perfect for our set-up.  It actually attaches to a seat's seat belt, so when that stupid car in front of you slams on its brakes, you follow suit and your pet doesn't end up in the front seat from the jolt.  If he is jerked forward, the car's seat belt locks and his super high-tech safety harness absorbs much of the impact that would normally be transferred to your pet.  Notice the fullness of the harness and its wide bands... unlike many safety harnesses which are composed of narrow strips of canvas. Nice big hardware too!



When you're just breezing along on the highway, Hammacher's Pet Seat Belt allows your pet freedom to roam from window to window, as she's wont to do.  To sit, to lie down, to stand, to roam, to be safe... what else could a pet ask for but some majestic fashion appeal?   It's got that too.

The Pet Seat Belt is affordably priced at $19.95 to 24.95, depending on size, and it comes with Hammacher Schlemmer's lifetime guarantee.(Buy here)


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Dec 4, 2009
by Fashion Finds (not verified)
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 These are like the ones we

 These are like the ones we have for our dogs and they are so fantastic. My two wander around the back seat and try to come for a visit in the front..of they would if they're not attached. I've also found that other designs allow them to turn around and chew their harness, the piece that attaches them to the buckle, or the seatbelt itself and with this they can't (though hopefully now that they're older, wouldn't anyways).And as you said, they can still lie down to sleep AND stick their faces out the window (well, one can, the other needs a booster because he's too short).

 Great post, and I hope others will give these harnesses a try!


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Dec 4, 2009
by Anonymous
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Not sure it would work with

Not sure it would work with my Rott tho...

Aug 23, 2012
by Anonymous
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I met you on Blog Paws. I am

I met you on Blog Paws. I am Deborah Taylor-French and write Dog Leader Mysteries blog.

I like this product. I believe it is super important to pet and driver safety. When I click this link today to buy this, I get a message that this item is no longer for sale.
Do you know of another company that sells this?

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