After nearly two years of writing this column, I have yet to touch on the subject of the death of a pet.  Oh, I've seen some lovely, very personal gravestones and urns for pets; it just hurt too much to write about them.  But today, when I read about Soft-Hearted Pillows, I knew I had to share these with you... perhaps because a Soft-Hearted Pillow is the most gentle way yet to let our pets "go," and know that they will still be with us.

The Soft-Hearted Pillow is a beautiful hand made, designer pillow, a 14" square microfiber, cord-edge trimmed pillow, that you can keep on your pet's special spot in the house, or on your own special place while you're reading, sleeping, or watching TV.  You will want to hug it, because deep inside the pillow's cushy polyfill stuffing is a special matching bag in which your pet's ashes can be placed. 

No, it can never replace the real Max or Cici, but how comforting to
know that you can keep what remains of them so close to you, with
the memories of all the wonderful times you shared.



Soft-Hearted Products calls it "Softening the loss..."   And a big huggable pillow just might do that better than a beautiful urn.

You have the choice of colors, each with a different pattern, of the Soft-Hearted Pillow:  


Ivory Soft-Hearted Pillow




Chocolate Soft-Hearted Pillow




Camel Soft-Hearted Pillow




For a small fee you can add one or two lines of lovely embroidery to your pillow.  



Learn more about the Soft-Hearted Pillow at Soft-Hearted Products.

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