Any pet owner would agree that as much as one loves them, dog and cat hair can be a real nuisance. Well, now there is a way that you can get rid of the pet hair around your home and stay on top of the fashion charts... at least among pet enthusiasts.

The Catty Shack, LTD , offers hope for once hopeless pet hair. The innovative, ingenious and creative minds at this place have turned the unwanted into the coveted. Something that was destined to get trashed is again given a lease of life to become an object of beauty.

Every day at The Catty Shack, large quantities of unwanted cat hair was collected and disposed of. For years, Danelle German, owner of The Catty Shack in Simpsonville, thought of ways to recycle the cat hair fibers into something useful and unique.

One day she came up with the idea for custom-made, pet-hair handbags. "Every day I would sweep up bagfuls of cat hair and throw it into the trash," German said. "It seemed like an awful waste because some of it was so pretty. For years, I kidded around about what I could do with it."

The idea for cat hair handbags was born, when a friend asked about clipping her Angora Bunny so that the hair fibers could be spun into yarn. With her help, hours of research and practice, Danelle tasted success.

New yarn-spinning skills and a lifetime of experience in knitting and felting saw the birth of Catty Shack Creations!

Folks at Catty Shack tell us that each bag is hand-designed and embellished to reflect the natural beauty and personality of a pet.

People without pets and consequent pet hair don't need to despair as Catty Shack can still create a bag for you.

As Catty Shack does not groom canines, dog owners can get across dog hair, which can be transformed into one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

Check out the website for clarifications, facts, method of creation and the entire range of products.

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