At the National Funeral Directors Association convention in Las Vegas in October, funeral service practitioners got a firsthand look at a new product that some people thought they'd never see: a pet removal cot.

The Mini Cot for Pets: The Mini Cot, made by Ferno Mortuary, allows pet funeral directors to respectfully transport a pet that has passed away.It's common practice to have such a cot to transport humans, but these days, people are spending more money on memorializing their pets. That's why the Ferno Mortuary introduced the pet removal cot prototype at the show, and the reaction was better than expected, according to El-B Bourgraf, director of the company's mortuary division.

"In watching the trade journals and news, things kept going toward the pet end," Bourgraf told Kates-Boylston Publications. "We've seen a number of companies out there produce more and more pet industry related death-care items. This really is an offshoot of one of our existing products that I chose to implement into this market."

The mini cot costs $1,295, and it will be offered through a dealer and distributor network beginning in April. According to a company advertisement targeting pet funeral directors, the mini cot "offers an easy, professional way to show you care as much about their pets as they do."

Anyone in funeral service interested in buying the cot can call Ferno Mortuary at 800-733-3766 or visit its web site .

Sources: Kates-Boylston Publications and Ferno Mortuary


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