Pet Couture: Winter Wonder-Dog Slipper Socks

"Leashes ring, are you listening? In the street snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we're barking tonight, walking with our winter wonder-dog!" Your dog will also find winter a wonderland when they are staying nice and warm on a cold day with these stylish argyle slipper socks on their paws.

 Blue Argyle Dog Slipper SocksBlue Argyle Dog Slipper Socks

Even indoors can be chilly on a cold winter's day, especially if you are keeping a watchful eye on your energy bills. Your cold canine will appreciate the warm toes this winter. You'll appreciate it too when they aren't trying to warm their paws on you.

 Pink Dog Slipper SocksPink Dog Slipper Socks

 Mix and match with argyle sweaters: Winter Wonder-Dog Sweaters

Click here for pink. Click here for blue.

Kitty Devine
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