These costumes are for the birds -- literally! Though most parrots prefer to go about au natural, there are times when a more formal or fun approach is appropriate.

Fowl Formal Attire

 Formal AttireFormal Attire

This cute couple looks like they are on the way to the prom, or that next big Pollywood awards show. Each ot these little suits is also practical, as they come complete with diapers. Anyone who has ever spent time with a parrot on their shoulder knows that this is a very important part of the design. They have also figured out that this is one reason that pirates always seem to be so bad-tempered (after all, the word "irate" is built right into the name). A top hat is sold separately. For more information on formal attire, click here.

Parrot Pirate

 Parrot PirateParrot Pirate

You and your bird could do the really cutesy thing and both go dressed as pirates. Make it extra funny and let the bird be the captain. He thinks that he is superior anyway -- give in for a few hours. With this great little pirate outfit he or she will really look the part. Don't forget to choose the right size for your bird. Bird-stuffing is a different holiday. For more pirate propaganda, click here.

Uncle Sammy

 Uncle SammyUncle Sammy

Don't forget that this is an election year. You can dress your bird for both Halloween and Election Day with this nifty patriotic costume. Regardless of your party affiliation, your parrot will just be dressed to party! Woo hoo! Keep the outfit on hand for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veteran's Day, and the Fourth of July. Support the American economy, click here.

Halloween Haute Couture

 Jack-o-Lantern FlightSuitJack-o-Lantern FlightSuit

For standard Halloween wear, try your bird in this dandy Jack-o-Lantern suit. If the Jack-o-Lantern isn't your thing, a quick search will bring you to other suits and shirts just for All-Hallows-Eve. Whether the two of you are handing out candy or sharing a scary movie, just remember to share the snacks. To check out general Halloween attire, click here.


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