Christmas is a time for family and everyone knows that your pet is part of the family -- especially if your pet is a parrot and can talk back. Let your feathered friends join in the season with one of these jolly holiday hoodies. Then you'll know Christmas is really for the birds!

1. Christmas Plaid Hoodie

Christmas Plain HoodieChristmas Plain Hoodie

Your parrot can be festive and stylish this Christmas with this rather formal-looking holiday plaid. Every bird owner knows that their feathered friends are made for warmer weather than we have in most of the United States at this time of year, so a hoodie can be just the ticket to keep it warm. For more information click here.

2. Gingerbread Hoodie

Gingerbread HooieGingerbread Hooie

Polly may want more than a cracker during the holiday season and this goodie hoodie will say it all with a gingerbread man on the front. The design also features a snowman and a present ready for opening. Your parrot will be looking like it has taste in fashion in this holiday hoodie. To order you parrot a present click here.

3. Ho-Ho-Ho Hoodie

 Ho-Ho-Ho HoodieHo-Ho-Ho Hoodie

There are few more beloved icons of the holiday season than the old man himself -- Santa Claus. You can bedeck your bird with the image of the Kringle. It's fun fashion for that special open house for friends and family. You can check out this holiday hoodie by clicking here.

4. Let It Snow Hoodie

 Let It Snow HoodieLet It Snow Hoodie

Snow may not exactly be an exotic bird's weather of choice, but the flurries on this finery are designed for winter warmth. This design will work for the entire winter when the cold weather hits. With the blue and white coloring, this hoodie will also work for Jewish birds wanting to celebrate Hanukkah. For ordering information click here.

5. Partying Penguins Hoodie

Partying Penguins HoodiePartying Penguins Hoodie

Your bird can give a Christmas nod to the birds that thrive in the cold with one of these adorable penguins as they celebrate the Christmas season. The drawstring even provides extra entertainment for birds that are getting excited for the presents coming soon. Check it out -- click here.