Pet Couture: High Fashion Cats From Japan

In Japan cats are at the center of the world of couture -- or more precisely the designer Takako Iwasa has been creating the world of "haute cature." A collection of photographs of cat designer clothing has been gathered together in the book "Fashion Cats."

Fashion Cats by Takako IwasaFashion Cats by Takako Iwasa

It is a great gift for your favorite cat lover or your favorite "fashionista."  Two super model cats, Prin and Koutaro, take turns showing off the latest in feline fashions.

 Another Fashion Cat by Takako IwasaAnother Fashion Cat by Takako Iwasa

From paw bracelets to wool capes, the day of cat fashion has arrived. For more information on Fashion Cats or to order, click here.

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Kitty Devine
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Nov 17, 2014
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