Ferret moms and dads are just as passionate
about their "kids" as any dog or cat lover. So why shouldn't they go
just as crazy? Here are some great Halloween costumes for your favorite
little fur ball.

Witch Ferret

Just the costume for that ferret with that witchy sort of temper. It has the traditional pointed hat and a shaggy wig. Held securely under the chin with a strap. Click here.

 Ferret witch hat and wigFerret witch hat and wig

Scarecrow Ferret

With this cute scarecrow hat and wig your ferret can be off to see the wizard in search of a brain. Just follow the yellow brick road, or click here.

 Ferret scarecrow hat and wigFerret scarecrow hat and wig

Jester Ferret

If your ferret is gifted at making you laugh, then a jester's cap and bells will be just the thing. Not just for Halloween since it also works for that special Renaissance Festival. To be prepred, click here.Ferret jester cap and bellsFerret jester cap and bells

Ladybug Ferret

Most (if not all) ferrets are cute as a bug, so why not follow that theme with this adorable ladybug costume?  This cute costume can do extra duty for Easter and show and tell. To find out more, click here.

 Ferret in ladybug costumeFerret in ladybug costume