What is now the third largest wildfire in
Colorado history, the High Park fire has displaced many pets, a large amount of
livestock, and even wolves. As room was running out for small animals at
the Larimer County Humane
Society, volunteers began coming forward to offer free room and board
for pets, and even offering free bales of hay for livestock feed and

Among the places volunteering to help with the displaced pets, the Moore Animal Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, is boarding the animals free of charge, including walks, care, shelter, and food. They plan to hold on to the animals until they are all returned safely to their families.

People have been using Craig's List to post requests for help and offers to help. One animal owner immediately got a response from people in Wyoming offering 85 bales of hay for the livestock. They just needed someone to come and get it. Volunteers picked up the hay and delivered it to the Larimer County Fairgrounds.

As people were opening up their homes and hearts to the animals, for some it wasn't enough. Not all animals are making it out alive. There is no tally of how many animals have been lost. Only one human has died in the disaster. Firefighters and rescue workers are working hard to save any animals that people had to leave behind. Between Sunday evening and Monday morning the fire doubled in size, making their task difficult, and, in some cases, impossible.

Nine wolves had to be moved from a wolf sanctuary. No word on exactly where they are now, but each was kept with their packmates and volunteers are with them at all times. ..

In the midst of all of this loss, there was one small bundle of hope that arrived on Saturday. A baby llama was delivered at the Larimer County Fairgrounds. 

If you would like to help out these animals, you can visit the Larimer County Humane Society online at www.larimerhumane.org. 

If you would like to help the wolves, you can see a list of needed items on their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/wolf.sanctuary.

Source:  9News Denver