Pets can get tagged, micro-chipped, telephone-collared, and high frequency-buzzed to be located when they've wandered, but none of these methods are foolproof... by any means. Neither is the Pawtags Alert System... but it's another tool which should be utilized in case your pet becomes lost.

Pawtags themselves are tags for your pets' collars that contain a national emergency phone number and your pet's individual identification number, provided after you register your pet with the Pawtags Alert System. The Alert System is a 24-hour hotline covered by real people trained in providing support in finding your pet. Upon registration, you provide details about your pet and yourself that would be useful in identifying and locating your pet, as well as contacting you if your pet is found.


The Alert System provides you with the names and numbers of animal control associations within a 50 mile radius of your location. With your pet identified by tag, chances are better that you will be contacted by the Pawtags Alert System when the animal control agency calls in. Of course, anyone will be able to contact the the Pawtags hot-line to report finding your pet.

The advantages of the Pawtag Alert System are the live 24/7 hot-line, accessibility to anyone who finds your pet, a central national database of animal control units, and various aids, such as lost pet posters and local numbers to call.

The price is also a plus. Each tag costs $9.95 and includes registration for a year and ID engraving of the tag. A lifetime registration for your pet costs only $19.95. To learn more, visit




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