Paws Like Me: Find your forever pet on the animal version of eHarmonyPaws Like Me: Find your forever pet on the animal version of eHarmony


The Internet never ceases to amaze. Since its advent, the sky’s the limit on what you can find and do online. It’s been especially influential in connecting people, whether through social media or dating sites. Speaking of which, there’s a dating site out now for pets and people. No, it’s not for people with pets that want to hook up with other pet lovers. It’s not even for pets looking for love connections with other pets. It’s called Paws Like Me, and it’s for people looking to connect with pets.

Paws Like Me

Paws Like Me boasts the use of the same kinds of algorithms that eHarmony and other dating sites use to match you up with Mr. or Miss Right, only with Mr. or Miss Doggy Right. Just like dating sites for humans, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions and their Paws Like Me search engines go to work to do all the rest.  In other words, they do the legwork — or, in this case, the paw work — for you. Seriously, this is not a joke. They swear they’ll find you your pet soulmate.


Paws Like Me Matches People & Pets: Find your pet soulmatePaws Like Me Matches People & Pets: Find your pet soulmate


Four Core Personality Quadrants

Once you’ve completed answering four unobtrusive questions regarding your personal energy levels, focus, confidence and independence, you can begin scrolling through a list of “matches” consisting of pets in need of a good home. If you’ve got the time or inclination, you can answer more questions for an even stronger match. This is actually an excellent idea, as so many people choose the wrong pets and end up dumping them at shelters when they realize the error of their ways.

Forever Homes

Finding unwanted pets forever homes can be tough. Many no-kill shelters have taken to doing home assessments and interviews much like adoption agencies for children. It’s not meant to be prying or obtrusive. It’s meant to ensure a good match. By doing so, the return rate on homeless animals plummets. This is a good thing; right? So, why not turn to a pet-matching site for finding the furry love of your life if you’re thinking about adopting?


Paws Like Me: Help animals find forever homesPaws Like Me: Help animals find forever homes


Pet Matching Sites

Using a matching site can have the same results only you don’t have to have your heart broken by all the pets that aren’t good fits for your personal circumstances. Cue Sarah McLachlan’s Angel right here and pull out the hankies. Pets are a long-term commitment not to be taken lightly. Once you take them on, they should stay with you, if at all possible. Just like dating sites, the key to a perfect match is to be as honest as possible with your personality and living arrangements.

Feline Adoptions

While Paws Like Me currently only matches prospective pet owners with dogs, take heart; the site is currently working on a feline matching system for cat lovers looking to make a forever connection. Taking all the guesswork out of “dating” has worked reasonably well for human beings, when you consider the stats on hookups and marriages, so why not try it with pets? For more information on this innovative trend in pet matchmaking, check out their website and see who you were meant to be with today.


Paws Like Me 'The eHarmony For Pets And People': Website soon to introduce feline adoptionsPaws Like Me 'The eHarmony For Pets And People': Website soon to introduce feline adoptions