It is a strange thing when a parrot gets hauled into a police station
for questioning, but that is just what happened last week in Rajura,
Maharashtra, India. This all started when an 85-year-old woman made a
formal complaint that the bird had been swearing at her whenever she
passed by. It was a good thing that the parrot didn't have hands or she
might have accused him of flipping her the bird.

Swearing Parrot (Image via The Independent)Swearing Parrot (Image via The Independent)

The actual complaint from the woman, Janabai Sakharkar, was that her stepson, Suresh, had taught the parrot, named Hariyal, to hurl obscenities at her whenever she walked past his house. To investigate, the police brought all three parties into the station for questioning.

This is one canary that did not sing. If Hariyal had been trained to swear at Janabai he was also trained to not be a stool pigeon. When faced with the woman at the police station the bird remained silent and did not offer a single epithet of any kind.

There is an existing dispute between the two humans over property and this was most likely the real source of the complaint. The police have turned the complaint over to forest department officials -- possibly just for laughs. It is difficult to know what to do about a talking bird that won't talk.

Source: The Independent