Panting Pooches Make Out Big-Time At Brazil's Love Hotel For Dogs

Who knew our canine companions need some “time to get alone” once in while? Brazilian siblings Fabiano and Daniela Lourdes did, and their new eight-story hotel, Animalle Mundo Pet, aims to cater to those for whom the only style is doggy style.

For many of us, the concept of dogs needing privacy for intimacy makes no sense at all, canines being spur of the moment critters for whom the only impetus is a partner (or your leg). Not so, according to Brazilian siblings Fabiano and Daniela Lourdes, who state “Our market studies showed that people work all day long and they do not know where to drop their pets for mating.” Is this another one of those First World Problems?

The Lourdes' would like local pet-owners to THINK it's a problem, at least, and then offer a solution: Animalle Mundo Pet, an eight-story pet-pampering paradise in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, opening for business later this week.

Not all eight floors are devoted to mutt smut, mind you, as the other seven stories are stocked with biologists, veterinarians, a dog fitness center and “a special birthday zone”. We'd be remiss in not mentioning the flock of in-house luxury pet goods peddlers eager to flog $1,000 crystal collars on your precious pooch... to complement their healthy afterglow, one would assume.

Yes indeed, Animalle Mundo Pet is a business first and foremost with the “mating room” merely a way to grab some publicity. Speaking of which, the action happens in the midst of lurid red upholstery and a heart-shaped ceiling mirror – not that Fido and Fifi really care.

Prepare to fork over the Brazilian equivalent of $50 a day to reserve Animalle Mundo Pet's love nest, by the way, though it's likely the happy couple will have coupled to their hearts' content within the first minute or so.

Is the Lourdes' dog dream domain just a pie in the sky fantasy for creatures who (in all likelihood) don't fantasize? Perhaps, but with approximately 32 million dogs watching the girl from Ipanema walking her puppy, this just might be one “tail” that has a happy ending. (via Telegraph Media Group Ltd., images via ClubCeLP, The Newspaper Works, and MSN)

Steve Levenstein
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Jul 14, 2012
by Anonymous
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During this week, was

During this week, was released by international web sites articles about Animalle Mundo Pet which quoted one of our services, know as “Pet Motel”. The story generated a repercussion that demands some explanation.
The focus of our enterprise is not the reproduction of animals. Pet Motel is just one of many beneficial services that we offer to pets. This service arose from the demand for crossings supervised by the veterinarian.
Many times owners of pets want to cross their dogs, but have no specific location, conditions and somebody to provide necessary assistance. The Pet Motel exists to meet this demand. We provide veterinarian care, comfort and safety. All this while still respecting the welfare of animals. Pet Motel is just a fun tone to associate the name of the service, which is nothing more than veterinary care for crossing at an appropriate, comfortable and safe location.
In addition, we offer the service of assisted reproduction by a veterinarian. The reproductive care protects against transmission of disease and increases the chance of success at intersections. It includes clinical evaluation of the reproductive couples, determining the fertile period of the female, assessing the quality of the dog semen, artificial insemination and prenatal counseling.
For the owners who want their dogs to have puppies, but can´t cross them (either by personal issues, age, disease or animals that will be castrated soon), assisted reproduction also offers the option of freezing semen. Through this procedure, the semen of the dog is preserved for as long as necessary, until the owner finds favorable conditions for using it.
Our store has eight floors and beyond the service of assisted reproduction we offer: bathing and grooming, day care center, hotel (if you want to travel and don´t want to leave your pet alone at home), pet food and accessories.
I hope this has cleared up the misunderstanding.

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