PAL, or Pets Add Life, is a non-profit organization that supports the adoption and responsible care of pets through its informational website and, beginning last month, through its hilarious videos.  PAL's first video, Pet Interviews: Guinea Pig, has been seen by 100,000+ viewers so far, and with this post, we hope even more will see it.  It's definitely a winner!




Promoting the enjoyment of pets by humans is PAL's main goal, but in this series of four (3 upcoming) Pet Interviews, the videos will also stress that pets enjoy not being the only pet.  (This may or may not be the case, depending on the personality of the pet you already own!)

The Pet Interview: Guinea Pig video was produced by Andrew Grantham, whose previous popular hits include YouTube's Number 2 video of 2011, Ultimate Dog Tease.

PAL was founded by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) which includes more than 1,000 pet product manufacturers,

PAL via PRWeb