The town of Divide, Colorado, was very divided last month as they faced
the mayoral elections and the astounding range of eleven candidates --
and not a human among them. Not surprisingly the election went to the
dogs, well, one dog anyway. The winner was a soulful looking bloodhound
by the name of Pa Kettle. The runner-up, and new vice-mayor, is a wolf
named Keyni.

His Honor, Pa Kettle, the Mayor (Image via Dogster)His Honor, Pa Kettle, the Mayor (Image via Dogster)

Pa Kettle (shouldn't that be Paw?) has replaced Walter, a three-legged orange tabby, who had come to the end of his year-long mayoral term. Kettle was the only candidate with a day job. He works as a search and rescue dog in Colorado. He was also the only candidate in the race with a last name and a verifiable birth certificate. 

It is believed that it was Kettle's soulful brown eyes and long, elegant ears that cinched the election for him. He was up against some pretty stiff competition, such as a wolf, a hedgehog, a cat, a horse, a donkey, and five other dogs.

Walter, Pa Kettle's Predecessor (Image via Dogster)Walter, Pa Kettle's Predecessor (Image via Dogster)

Not surprisingly, the position is not an official one. The town is so small that it doesn't have an official mayor. What the position of mayor actually turns out to be is a fun gimmick staged each year to raise funds for the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter. Each vote costs $1, all of which goes directly to the shelter. The enjoyable stunt raises between $9-10,000 annually for the shelter.

Kettle won the race with only 55 votes separating him from Keyni, the wolf. Buster, the cat, came in third and was named viceroy. A viceroy is actually a royal position, as opposed to an elected one, which totally fits when it comes to a cat.  All three were inaugurated on April 19, 2014. 

The next race up for the new mayor is to see if he can make it into the Guinness World Records for having the longest ears. Like having the day job of hero isn't quite enough for the political pooch! Best wishes for a successful term of office, Mr. Mayor!

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