Insects caught in tree sap are a moment frozen in time. You can own your
own piece of the past with your own Insect in Amber. You may not be
able to clone your own dinosaur from it, but you will have a nifty
souvenir from millions of years ago to add to your rock or fossil

Insect in AmberInsect in Amber

Each tiny piece of amber and the insect there in date back to 23-33 million years ago. Sorry to disappoint you that this is not the Jurassic period but the Oligocene period. This is considerably more recent than actual dinosaurs, but it saw the rise of the ancestors or more recent animals such as horses and rhinos. That is still pretty darn cool.

Insect in AmberInsect in Amber

The piece of amber comes in a 1" square clear box with a magnifying lid to help you observe your acquisition more closely. Since this is a natural product, each one is just a little different from the other. The amber may contain small flies, gnats, midges, ants, stingless bees, and beetles.

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