Oskar the Blind Kitten -- The "I'll Bet You $100 That You'll Cry" Animal Video of the Day!!!

Oskar was born completely blind.  But this doesn't keep this little guy from having fun with his new toys.  This video (from the day after he was adopted) was taken by Mick12321kciM on October 14, 2011 and is just a wonderful tribute to the kindness of animal-lovers and the ability for beings (both human and animal) to overcome a birth defect.  This is Oskar with is first toy:

Here--have a tissue to wipe your eyes...  Oh, and pass me one too, will ya?

Oskar has his own Facebook page if you want to pay him a visit!

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John P. Barker
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Feb 16, 2016
by Anonymous
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God bless them all and the

God bless them all and the "Forever-Home-Owners". I rescued a kitten that was thrown out in the snow last year because she was born with the worst abdominal hernia that my vet has ever seen. He did the surgery (stitches chin to tail) and she turned out to be the most beautiful, loving, healthy cat. She is the greatest friend ever! My Luna Bell!

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