Tired of cleaning up a gritty mess of kicked-out kitty litter every time Miss Frisky answers nature's meow? Hey, who isn't? Thank goodness the nice folks at OPPO are offering the ToiletScreen, a flexible, lightweight and portable shield for cats and kittens that ceases the scattering of sand.

Available in two cat-pleasing and decor-friendly hues (blue-green and natural brown), the screen is made from non-toxic polypropylene plastic with a tough, shatter-proof base composed of ABS resin.

Assembling the screen is easy as pie: simply bend the 535mm by 340mm (21” wide by 13.5” tall) semi-transparent panel into an L-shape and slot it into the curved base.

Then position the Toilet Screen around your cat's litter box... that's it, you're done! You're also done vacuuming up scattered kitty litter and wiping up sprayed urine; you may need to clean the screen on occasion but that's a MUCH easier task.

The OPPO Toilet Screen sells for 2,100 yen (just under $20) and can be purchased online at Amazon Japan. (via Impress Watch)

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