Remember how your mom always told you to take a sweater when you were on
your way out the door? This awesome Octopus Sweater is probably not
quite what she had in mind -- and she would probably think that you were
losing your mind.

 Octopus SweaterOctopus Sweater

This is probably just about the only way you could get an octopus to hug you and have it not feel really wet and creepy. This is a great sweater for all you fashion-forward ladies -- or a great present for your sea-loving gal pals.

Octopus SweaterOctopus Sweater

The cardigan sweater is made of 100% cotton in black, with a green octopus winding its way around (although it looks blue on my screen). Customer comments on this item are favorable, but they definitely recommend going up a size to get a good fit.

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