Although President Barack Obama took Bo and Sunny, his family’s pair of Portuguese Water Dogs, with them to the tropical paradise of Hawaii to enjoy the winter holidays, the furry duo still had to deal with the strict policies for vacationing pooches!



Bo and Sunny have surely been enjoying their Hawaiian vacation, but they still had to endure the quarantine procedures to ensure that the islands continue to be completely free of rabies. The pair of pups underwent several tests to ensure that foreign pathogens aren’t brought with them onto the islands, including a blood test to check for rabies. The biggest difference between the president’s dogs and anyone else taking their canine companion to the Aloha State is that Bo and Sunny had their check up at Hickam Air Force Base, while all other animals are checked out at the Honolulu International Airport. Pets who don’t follow the strict guidelines for entering the island state can be held on quarantine for up to 120 days!




Sure, Bo and Sunny had to take a little detour before they could chew the furniture at their vacation house, but it was worth following the rules to help prevent the potential spread of invasive disease, germs and other nasties to the native wildlife of Hawaii. I hope that they had fun in Hawaii, because they’re going to be in for a frigid surprise when they fly back home to Washington DC tomorrow!

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