How many lives would a real live Nyan Cat have if a real live Nyan Cat would really be alive? Nine, of course! These nine real live Nyan Cats show what happens when cat owners think an insufferably cute, surprisingly long-lived Internet meme would be even cuter when imposed upon their own long-suffering felines. 

9) Slacker Real Live Nyan Cat

If you wait in a certain location for a certain moment of the day, a perfectly Nyan Cat-ish rainbow will appear on your floor! Position lazy sleeping cat and VOILA! Hey, it worked for the builders of Stonehenge, less the rainbow and cat, of course. Bonus: having multi-spectrum sunlight beamed up the wazoo just HAS to be therapeutic. (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat image via The Social Nerd)

8) Cosplay Real Live Nyan Cat

There's not much anyone can do to make the Nyan Cat meme less annoying but kudos to the above cat's owner for trying. This real live Nyan Cat RULES, man! This costume (that's what it appears to be) is so good, the owner should have their cat wear it each and every day, anywhere and any place. (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat image via

7) Real Live Black Nyan Cat Crosses Your Path

OK, so a larger-than-life Pop Tart isn't something one whips up out of thin air but c'mon, a little effort would be appreciated. Don't ask us what flavor that Pop Tart is, either... it looks like a poorly-made prison license plate and undoubtedly tastes like one too. (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat image via Baby Banter)

6) “Thinking Inside the Box” Real Live Nyan Cat

“I know it's annoying but it's so cute!,”

sez someone with WAY too much time on her hands who decided to put WAY too much box on her Nyan Cat wannabe. She makes a point of noting that “No animals were harmed in the production of these Nyan Cat images!” No animals, maybe, our retinas and souls, probably. (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat image via Gallant and Swanky Musings)

5) Annoyed Real Live Nyan Cat

“Get that Pop Tart offa me, and get it off NOW!”

Shironeko aside, most cats aren't exactly amenable to having crap put on them and they're not shy about letting the crap-putter know it. Umm, you gonna eat that Pop Tart? (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat image via Epic4chan)

4) Still Hungry Real Live Nyan Cat

According to cat owner and chief cat costume designer Alaidh, “Believe me, trying to get her to keep still with a poptart on her back was NOT easy!!” We believe it, Alaidh, and by the looks of her we also believe that particular Pop Tart would shortly join the rest of the box's contents on the inside of the cat. (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat image via Alaidh)

3) “The Real Nyan Cat”

It takes a set of brass furballs to declare your dolled-up pet “The Real Nyan Cat” but hey... the pic was posted at the tell-it-like-it-is “That Cute Site” after all. And the open mouth? The better to sing the exceedingly annoying Nyan Cat Theme Song with. (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat image via That Cute Site)

2) Cheeky Real Live Nyan Cat

Sweating the details means making sure your real live Nyan Cat is as authentic as possible, and that means (for some folks, anyway) affixing rosy faux cheek patches to your real cat's real cheeks. Looks like a clear-cut case of OCD... Obsessive Cat Detailing. (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat image via ModCatLove)

1) Video Verite Real Live Nyan Cat

Jeff and Brad Johnsen figured they'd go one better on static images of real live Nyan Cats by casting their own cat – Mister Snacks Fluffington (cringe) – in his own YouTube video... and here it is:

Fluffington seems to take the whole wacky adventure in stride, though the Johnsens had best watch their backs until their pretty Pop Tart Kitty gets his inevitable revenge. (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat image via Cnet Australia)

“Train” your Nyan Cat to 'shop images? Easy as tuna pie, if Von Nyan's Express above is any indication. Even easier is closing the real deal with a real cat, no extraneous software (or extraneous trains) required. Your cat will thank you... now go give it a Pop Tart. (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat images, top via WN and above via


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