If you scour the web, like I do, looking for gifts for dog lovers, I think I found one your dog lover won't already have.  Beautifully steel sculpted Fire Hydrant bookends, handmade by Knob Creek Metal Arts....


Fire Hydrant by Knob Creek Metal ArtsFire Hydrant by Knob Creek Metal Arts


Sold as a set, the bookends measure approximately 6.5 inches high and 4 inches wide. Aren't they splendid?

And if you plan in advance, Knob Creek Metal Arts will make custom bookends for you, so you can even get the bookends in your friend's breed of dog.  Or, heck, you can buy a set for yourself with your own breed of dog.

While you're visiting Knob Creek Metal Arts, don't forget to check out its dog leash and key racks - also customizable.


Knob Creek Metal Arts via Dog Milk

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