Norman, a three-year-old Briand (a type of French herding dog), is one talented dog as he rides
bicycles, scooters, and skateboards. He's been wowing crowds as he
performs at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. There Norman Rides His Bike (You Tube Image)Norman Rides His Bike (You Tube Image)may even be a television
show in the works for the charismatic canine. He began his career as a
puppy when he started riding a scooter.

The dog is a member of the Cobb family of Atlanta, Georgia. When he first came to live with them Karen Cobb would play with him to get him socialized and used to all of the kids' toys. That is how she came to place the pooch on her son's scooter. He took off and just loved the thing.

From there Cobb taught Norman to ride a bike. This took a lot more work since Norman had to build up the proper muscles in his legs to be able to pedal. 

Cobb jokes that she is now the dog's personal assistant -- she bathes and brushes him to keep up his appearance, maintains his calendar, and takes care of his correspondence. No doubt she also follows him around with a supply of plastic bags.

Norman now appears at events around the country, is employed by Natural Alliance, a pet food company, and appears in the television show "Who Let The Dogs Out."

Norman and Cobb also have a charitable platform. They campaign against puppy mills and educate the public to adopt their dogs only from a rescue group or a reputable breeder.

Source: Mail Online


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