David Young-Wolff/Photographer's Choice/Getty ImagesDavid Young-Wolff/Photographer's Choice/Getty ImagesPain, allegies, infections, surgeries, skin problems... you name it.  Practially every canine problem is treated with a steriod or synthetic steroid drug. Steroids work fast, but they cause side effects, many that are permanent and can seriously impair your dog's quality of life.

That is why the announcement yesterday by Abbott Animal Health is such welcome news.   The company has partnered with Velcera Inc. to create a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for dogs.  Velcera, another animal pharmaceutical company, owns the patents for the Promist® technology, an absorbable spray delivery system for medication that will be used to administer Abbott's canine NSAID.

Promist will enable Abbott's new drug to be delivered orally through a spray mist directed at a canine's cheek or gums.  Studies have shown that Promist delivery is the bioequivalent of a liquid formula, but that the bioavailability to the targeted pain is consideraby faster and is not significantly affected by food interactions.

Right now, the new drug is still being tested. But  the sooner the yet un-named medication is available through your veterinarian or by prescription, the better.  Meanwhile steroids, the  "most sleazy of modern day medications," are causing dozens of horrible side effects in our dogs, including liver damage, diabetes, appetite changes, water retention, Cushing's disease and other adrenal problems, brittle bones, muscle weakness, skin growths, nervousness, mood changes, and more. 

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