Inspired Fish Lover Creates A NIKE Aquarium For NIKE78

When Nike 78 was launched by advertising student, Paul Jenkins, I bet he didn't think that an aquarium shoe would be one of the entries.  But challenge "creative talents, design studios, and related organizations to come up with a concept that will challenge the functionality of sneakers,"1 and don't be surprised what you get!


NIKE 78 Shoe Aquarium: ©W+K Tokyo LabNIKE 78 Shoe Aquarium: ©W+K Tokyo Lab


NIKE 78 Shoe Aquarium: ©W+K Tokyo LabNIKE 78 Shoe Aquarium: ©W+K Tokyo Lab


The challenge started in March and was supported by UK Street Art and, of course, inspired by NIKE. NIKE78 now has 78 creative take-offs on the NIKE sneakers.  The designers are listed on the NIKE78 website who will all have their 'dogs' on display at the 2010 London Design Festival in September.

The aquarium NIKE sneaker is inspiring in itself, showing all of us what creative uses objects can have when we take them out of their purposed environments. This NIKE was turned into a small aquarium, just perfect for a few goldfish or maybe even one betta fish.  It was created by Wieden+Kennedy, or W+K, international advertising agency.  It is among fish-lovers!

1) quote from Freshnessmag
sources: Nike78, UK Street Art, via SuperCoolPets

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May 29, 2010
by Anonymous
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Its really very interesting

Its really very interesting and creative work.very small place for fishes.I think size of this shoe aquarium should be larger than normal shoe size without compromising its style.Many ways,specially creative artists really boost any companies sales due to their interesting ideas.
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