Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance: Nicolas Cage's Persona Inspired By Pet Snake

A cobra tends to hypnotize its prey, says Nicholas Cage in his interview with Digital Spy.  Cage demonstrates with his hand how his pet cobra sways in figure eights back and forth and back and forth, from left to right.... Cage even sports a fat gem on his middle finger that suggests the cobra's 'eye' on his back, the object of transfixion....

This is what Cage means by 'the eye.'


The hypnotizing 'eye' of a King Cobra: image via planetanimalzone.blogspot.comThe hypnotizing 'eye' of a King Cobra: image via




Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance is the sequel to the original Ghost Rider movie takeoff on the Marvel comic book series, produced 8 years ago. If you missed this in the theatre, you can get the movie here. In the sequel, Cage plays the bounty hunter for the devil in 3D, with all the other special effects new to this decade. The original was not a great box office hit, but Sony followed up, reportedly only using 'the parts of the first film everybody liked.'


Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance: © Sony PicturesGhost Rider Spirit of Vengeance: © Sony Pictures


Ghost Rider II starts tomorrow, February 17, 2012.  You can order Ghost Rider II here. See how well Nicolas Cage plays a cobra.

sources: Digital Spy, Reuters, Sony Pictures


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