Horses and dogs that race already have compression suits to help improve
their performance. Al Shibla, a company based in the UAE that
specializes in luxury goods for horses and camels, recently launched a
line of compression suits for camels. The company claims that the
strange product is already generating a great deal of interest among
stable owners in the Middle East.

Camel Compression Suit (Image via Oddity Central)Camel Compression Suit (Image via Oddity Central)

The suit helps improve blood flow by slightly compressing the vessels. It is worn by the animal before and after training to increase blood and oxygen to the muscles to help with performance and to reduce the build-up of lactic acid, which can cause cramping. The camel is completely covered by the suit, with the exception of the head, neck, and feet.

This is basically physiotherapy, much like humans receive with the use of compression socks after surgery or with circulation issues. It will help a racing camel run faster. The surprising thing is that it will make pretty camels enrolled in a beauty contest stand a little taller and straighter. Okay, the real surprising thing is that there is such a thing as a camel beauty contest.

Camel Compression Suit (Image via Oddity Central)Camel Compression Suit (Image via Oddity Central)

Reports on the compression suit seem to refer to it as bizarre. It is no more bizarre than one for a horse or a dog. It only seems bizarre because it is outside our usual frame of reference. Much the same as seeing contest level beauty in a camel.

Due to the nature of the camel's physiology each suit must be custom made and they can run about $1,000 each. The price is said to be worth it since the suit also helps reduce stress in the animal, which also improves performance. 

The suits were introduced at the Al Dhafra Camel Festival in December and the suits are already drawing a great deal of attention, including the desire of stables to have the suits imprinted with their logos.

Source: Oddity Central