Zoom Room, dog agility training: © Zoom RoomZoom Room, dog agility training: © Zoom Room

you've been thinking about getting involved in a pet-related business,
but are looking for something brand new to attach yourself to, the Zoom Room is it.   It's a training center for dogs, but you don't have to know anything about dog training to run a Zoom Room; you will be trained first.

Zoom Room, as of this writing, has about a dozen open centers around
the country and another dozen or so in the works.  Agility training is
at its core because, as Zoom Room founder Jaime Van Wye
believes, agility training is the best method of training to bond with
your dog, develop mutual respect, and communication skills.  In
addition, agility training improves your dog's balance and coordination,
gives dogs a chance to excel, offers them new experiences and
challenges, and offers plenty of exercise.


Zoom Room, dog agility training: © Zoom RoomZoom Room, dog agility training: © Zoom Room


Zoom Room, dog agility training: © Zoom RoomZoom Room, dog agility training: © Zoom Room


But agility training isn't the only Zoom Room activity.  It also offers:
  • Puppy training
  • Obedience training
  • Enrichment training (Interactive activities that can be done at home.)
  • Dog tricks
  • Therapy dog training
  • Scent discrimination

and other kinds of training depending on your specific goals for your
pup. Training sessions are generally in small groups, but private
sessions are also available. Fun times with other dogs and their owners
are built into the group sessions for socialization. Zoom Room offers
specific training required for tests given by the American Kennel Club,
guide dog programs, and other competitive organizational entry programs.

the franchisee, there are a few streams of profit from the Zoom Room
business, in addition to group and private classes; not the least of the
other streams of income is the ability to rent out the training rooms
for dog parties, private dog trainers, and dog clubs. Once you get the
franchise off and running, you can even do private training on your own,
off of the Zoom Room premises. Additionally, the Zoom Room offers
retail items, such as food treats and toys that are not found in big box
retail stores. (I happened to see a few of these items at the San Diego Pet Expo this past weekend and the interactive toys really got my interest!)

Here's a view of activity in the Charlotte, NC Zoom Room last December....



are many more features that the Zoom Room offers both customers and
franchisees.  Whether you are interested in bringing your dog to Zoom
Room for a session or are interested in checking out the opportunities
of owning a Zoom Room franchise, your search should start here.  All will be unveiled.

Thanks to the owner of the Encinitas, CA Zoom Room for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with me.)

That's the buzz for today!



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