The New York subway system has a reputation for the strange, odd, and
bizarre. Recently a subway passenger was riding the J train at 1 a.m.
and found a young man trying to sell a live baby shark that he had
caught off Coney Island after the creature had "bit him in the ass." Dogfish Shark   Photo: Peter van der Sluijs ( Shark Photo: Peter van der Sluijs (…)

Back in the 70s, Saturday Night Live had a lot of fun with the idea of there being "land sharks" in New York trying to lure people out of their homes to certain doom. It was a truly funny bit that they got a lot of mileage from. This case was no joke. The passenger snapped a few photos, but declined to pay the $100 asking price. No one else was biting either. At least not while the passenger taking photos was there.

The young man was transporting what appeared to be a tiny smooth dogfish shark in a small disposable cooler and was apparently headed for Brooklyn. Both PETA and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have both denounced the man's activities.

PETA is planning to file a complaint with the Department of Environmental Conservation. The HSUS pointed out that not only is the action of this young man cruel and inhumane, it is also illegal to sell animals on the subway. Anyone witnessing an act like this should contact a police officer or transit authority employee immediately.

As for the young man, being bitten by a baby shark may be least painful thing that will happen to his ass over this incident.

Source: Gothamist